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Third item of Lita's series on Psalms

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Here it is:

CMI : The Creator’s relationship with Israel and the Church
by Lita Cosner
Published: 31 March 2016

Here is a quote:

However, the doctrine of creation emphasized in the Old and New Testaments is not only a matter of intellectual knowledge; it should be the foundation of our worship. It should inform our prayers to and our praise of the Creator, just as it did for David, Israel and the early church.

Let me get this straight.

There is Israel. Then there is The Early Church. Then there is us.

What happened to the Centuries between the Early Church and us? Lita doesn't tell.

I can tell you that psalms have been mainstay of worship outside the one more august item of Catholic worship, Holy Mass.

Hours in Coptic and other early monastic traditions : all 150 psalms every day.

Hours in Greek Orthodox and presumably Byzantine Rite Catholic tradition : all 150 psalms every week, starting with psalm 1 on first cathisma, there being twenty such overall, one Vespers (first or second Vespers of Sunday) lacking such.

Hours in Latin Rite: St Benedict rearranged the psalms after thematics, but still 150 psalms each week.

Other song ... how about this Ambrosian hymn?

Deus Creator omnium
polique rector, vestiens
diem decoro lumine
noctem soporis gratia ...

Deus - God
Creator omnium - creator of all
polique rector - and upholder of the pole (of the hinges of the universe)
vestiens - who clothest
diem decoro lumine - day with fitting light
noctem soporis gratia - night with the grace of sleep

Sure, this too is praising God as creator.

All centuries from St Ambrose to us.

Perhaps because, not only was there a visible people of God of old, Israel, but there is one now too, the Catholic Church.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Easter Thursday

PS.: Just saw the article also quotes psalm 109, one which the Latin Rite Catholics sing on Sunday Vespers. And one which indicates that Holy Mass is a real sacrifice./HGL

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