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Die 8vo Dec. anni ecclesiastici iam MMXI, anni civilis autem MMX, dedicavi haec bloggata et alia mea scripta ad quam vincula do ad Cor Immaculatum Mariæ eâ occasione quâ parœchia Scti Nicolai in Cardoneto renovavit dedicationem parœchiæ

Creation vs. Evolution,

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Great Bishop of Geneva!

My blogs have here and there an apologetic dimension, but these ones are dedicated to apologetics, more or less totally. I consider the latest one, Great Bishop of Geneva, very important insofar as Calvin challenged the Liberty of God by denying Transsubstantiation, as well as the Liberty of Man by denying freewill. These denials lead to further limitations of God's Omnipotence, such as Evolutionism, Heliocentrism and most radically Atheism, but also to further limitations of man's liberty and liberties - whether by Locke or by Marx or by Freud. Or by usurers. Or shrinks. Or ... well a lot of guys I take on in my other blogs:

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Enjoy the reading! If you want to make money making your choice of these things available on paper, the conditions are basically stated here and here.

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