fredag 19 maj 2017

Solution to Conundrum of "Alexandrian Cult"

The Catholic Church says that the Original Autographs of each Bible book were inerrant in all details.

This gave me an interest in a FB group called Original Autographs Onlyism.

And someone was arguing that the Original Autographs Onlyism was basically repeating the "creed of the Alexandrian Cult".

From whom I copied this definition thereof, inserting the FB page.

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There is a solution : Ecclesiastic Infallibility on matters necessary to Salvation, and being satisfied with less than full inerrancy for some detail for other matters.

This solution is the Catholic solution and the reason why Catholics are NOT Nicolaitans in the above sense.

But note, while a matter disputeable between manuscripts and text versions is not inerrant, unless defined by Church, till we get Original Manuscripts, by contrast, a matter on which all versions agree is inerrant.

Whether Emmaus is 60 or 160 stades from Jerusalem is not inerrant, since most manuscripts have 60 stades and one Syrian one 160 stades. But that Our Lord revealed Himself as risen to the disciples of Emmaus is inerrant, since that manuscript agrees on it.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
Pope St. Celestine V*

Updated with injunction to click image to enlarge it.

* Natalis sancti Petri de Morono Confessoris, qui, ex Anachoreta Summus Pontifex creatus, dictus est Caelestinus Quintus. Sed Pontificatu se postmodum abdicavit, et in solitudine religiosam vitam agens, virtutibus et miraculis clarus, migravit ad Dominum.

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