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Alexander Williams shows a parallel between Protestantism and Atheism

The Da Vinci Code: Secret hidden truth?
A best seller rewrites the truth about the Bible
by Alex Williams
13 April 2004

One quote:

Meanwhile, Opus Dei—a powerfully influential Catholic order—knows that their ‘secret’ is about to be exposed and they are determined to silence the investigation—thus the murders. There follows a fanciful reconstruction of Christian history to explain why the original ‘true’ Christianity—which they say was a goddess cult—was displaced by the ‘misogynist patriarchal’ version we have today.

Cast Catholic Church for Opus Dei, Reformers for those investigating (Princess and Teabing and Robert Langdon) and replace the Teabing history of Christianity with Magdeburg Centuries or Baptist Continuity Thesis ... you have got it.

Only that da Vinci Code attacks fundamentals of Christian rockbottom docrines, Protestantism does so more with practical consequences, the "how I get saved" kit. However, there are some things where they also attack doctrine as such.

And how should the people in 16th Century ideally react to Reformers? Alex Williams tells us that too:

There is no room in Christianity for hidden fundamentals. Hidden depths, certainly, but God has made the fundamentals clear to us in writing so that we are without excuse if we do not heed His Word.

Matthew 28:18-20 and Luke 10:16 make it clear Christ made a hierarchic Church. Especially if you confer them with Acts.

This Church cannot have been ignorant for 1100 - near 1500 years of the truth necessary for Salvation.

Alex Williams also has a very bright thing to say about life not being an emergent quality of lifeless matter. Part 1 and part 2 are online, the second as per today, and that is why I looked him up on CMI.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Nanterre UL
St Paul the First Hermit

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